EFOZ Wish List

We are proud to offer free admission to the David Traylor Zoo of Emporia! Donations play a key role in making that happen. If you’d like to donate to the Emporia Friends of the Zoo, here is our “Wish List!”

Please remember… new, clean, gently used or recycled items are welcome! (Expired items cannot be accepted). Thank you for your consideration.

Gift cards to home improvement, farm supply & pet stores

Boomer balls-all sizes

Kong toys-all sizes

Dog toys-all kinds

Cat toys- all kinds

Bird toys-all sizes

Artificial plants and trees

Grapevine baskets, wicker baskets

Baby monitors

Trail cameras

Unsalted nuts-in shell or not

Spices/herbs (nutmeg, ginger, oregano, basil, catnip, chili powder, cinnamon)

Perfumes-all kinds

Wood blocks

Bells of all sizes

Bungee cords

Natural fiber rope-all lengths

Buoys-all sizes and shapes

Wiffle balls

Mirrors (handheld or small)

Beer barrels (keg size-metal)

Untreated burlap rolls or burlap bags


Stuffed animals-no bean filled please


Paper lunch bags


Dried fruit (various kinds)


Fig Newtons

Jolly Balls

Pasta (uncooked)

Rawhide bones

PVC pipe (various sizes)

Jello (any flavor-unsweetened)

Kool-aid (unsweetened)

Digital scales

bath towels, hand towels, washcloths   

Upright freezer or chest freezer

Ice cream containers (plastic-all sizes)

Plastic food containers w/lids (all sizes)

Rubbermaid totes or tubs

Ziploc sandwich bags (gallon & quart)

Space heaters

Pots & Pans (non-stick)

Food processor

Rubbermaid storage containers (cereal box size)

Rubbermaid/metal storage cabinets

Heavy duty dolly

Wheel barrow

Shelving – stainless steel or heavy plastic

Heated water bowls

Large parrot cages in good condition

Ice cube trays to make enrichment

Tarps (any sizes)

Rakes, shovels, brooms

Halloween decor-Large

Large LED Animal Holiday decorations

Collapsible wagon

Toy push vehicles

CD player

Watercolor Paint Packs x 10

Storage containers of all sizes

Gift Cards (craft supply, teacher supply)

Disney movies or Nature DVDs

Reliable used van or SUV

Crayola markers (wide & thin)

Glue sticks

Pony beads

Latex gloves (all sizes)

Craft sticks (all sizes, colors)

Hot glue (low temp) gun mini size

Sterilite (or similar) drawer cart

Drawer organizer bins/trays, various sizes

Googly eyes

Yarn, various colors

Tissue paper, all colors